Will you help us turn the world of waste upside down?​

At Seenons we are on a mission to bring people together for a waste-free world. Most important is that we’re in it together. No team, no nothing. As there is no time to waste, we are looking for an Ecosystems Partner Manager to join our mission!

Make an impact

Waste is a growing global challenge. In the Netherlands only we burn 2 million megatons of waste per year. That is the equivalent of 400 million cargo bikes full of waste! To contribute to the transition to a more circular economy, we use innovative and smart technology that is good for people, animals and the environment. We do this together with 25+ employees in the international city Amsterdam. As a team we value freedom and ownership, making us go to work full of energy every day. We dare to steer our own course and do things just that little bit differently. This is how we work together as a team to create a waste-free world!

The glue that holds together our network of happy partners

Seenons works well because we provide a seamless way to link together the whole load of different organisations and people that you need in order to create a truly circular waste ecosystem. The majority of the legwork is done by our smart platform, and central team of expert problem solvers, but as we continue to grow to more and more locations across the Netherlands (for now!), we also have a growing network of our key partners that need the personal touch to guide them along their journey!

Your role will be Regional Ecosystems Partner Manager. What will this mean? Essentially making sure that the network of people and orgs within your region (North, South, East or West) are having a positive and value-adding Seenons experience. Visiting them, having a quick call, whatever works best. You are their personal champion and will stop at nothing to make sure that we (and they!) are doing the right things for us to be able to deliver a top notch service that’s adding real value to the waste ecosystem! For us, every one of our partners (local governments, social workplaces, logistics providers, customers…) are all a valued part of the waste solution. Are you the right person to make a positive impact and help us bind this all together?

About you

You are proactive, practical and mature. Good at finding ways to make things work for people. You will be our public face to some of our most important partners in the outside world and will be helping them with everything: from continuous improvement, to teething issues with the service, to how best we can continue to grow our partnership together. You will be launching circular hubs and helping our partners to build sustainable business models and green ecosystems, so of course it would be a big plus if you already happen to be a waste superstar, but until we get you to that point you will have our resident experts and central support team behind you every step of the way.

You will be responsible for a diverse network of stakeholders of different kinds spread out over your region, so it will be important that you can take an organised approach and structure your time well. Although we think it’s super important that you spend a good portion of your week in the office with the team, you will also need to be able to travel to visit clients, as in our experience you just get better results that way a lot of the time.

We are a highly agile and continuous improvement-focused business, so aside from your account management day job we also encourage all of our staff to pick up side projects that excite them. These could be anything from working on developing new products and services to building new and better ways of working for the team, whatever floats your boat. No requirement here as such, but some enthusiasm and interest in improving the things around you will make you a great cultural fit at Seenons!

Your background

There are lots of different skillsets you have that could be a benefit to this role, but we’re not picky. That said, it would be great to see demonstrable experience in:

  • [Crucial] Stakeholder management at a high level
  • Self-organisation and self-led projects and initiatives
  • Practical problem solving or operations improvement
  • [Very nice to have!] Experience or knowledge in waste ecosystems or logistics

This role will be ideally suited to someone with at least 5 years of experience in stakeholder management. You will also need to be able to speak and write good Dutch and English.

About us

  • The chance to experience the first days of a fast-growing startup.
  • A learning curve so steep that you can do loop-the-loops.
  • A competitive salary.
  • A team of 30 young, bright, enthusiastic and international colleagues.
  • The opportunity to contribute to the race to zero waste together with a highly motivated team.
  • An opportunity to really make a difference within our organization. Lots of freedom and responsibility, and your opinion counts!
  • A hip, renovated office in the up-and-coming Houthavens area in Amsterdam, close to Amsterdam CS/Sloterdijk.
  • We prepare a fresh organic lunch every day and have an open bar for drinks at the office on Fridays.

Match? 💚