Afval scheiden als bedrijf

Your business waste-free

We help you to find the best and most sustainable solution for your business waste. We'll advise you with how to separate your waste too. You just decide which waste to ‘save’ and when you want it to be collected. We match your waste with a circular processor so it gets a second life.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

Handy app

Choose when and how often you want your waste to be collected at just the click of a button. Wave goodbye to fixed contracts and just pay per pick up!

Sustainable transport

We transport your waste with environmentally friendly vehicles such as cargo bikes and electric trucks. Our software selects the most efficient and sustainable way.

New products

Your waste is processed by companies who turn into new products and materials. Like orangecello made exclusively from orange peel.


Together we can reduce the waste in your cafe, restaurant, hotel, or hospitality establishment. We provide an efficient and easy solution for all your waste, including waste streams like coffee, orange peels, PMD, paper and cardboard or glass. Companies like Yoghurt Barn, Bagels and Beans, Anne & Max have already joined us on our mission! 


We work with shops, supermarkets and retail outlets to help them meet their sustainability goals, reducing packaging and waste. One example is Vkusvil, the sustainable supermarket. We collect their paper, cardboard and coffee amongst other waste, helping them towards their waste-free target.


Paper, cardboard, coffee cups, food waste - offices and businesses often generate the most waste. We help companies look at the waste they make and find better solutions for waste separation and recycling. For example, together with Aimforthemoon, a start-up co-working space in Amsterdam, we have devised ways to educate staff and provide separating facilities and save waste such as PMD, coffee, paper and cardboard. 

For coffee residue it works like this

Once your coffee residue bucket is full, choose a time and date for a pick-up via the app. Your full bucket then gets picked up in the most efficient way and matched to a processor that gives it a second life. Think of soap, liqueur, biogas, or even a source to grow mushrooms!


Wouter Staal – Founder Yoghurt Barn

We used to throw away around 2000 liters of waste per week. We have reduced that to around 360 liters, saving around 80% of our waste!

Enough of the talk, let's save some waste!