Use waste to create something beautiful

Are you looking to source raw waste materials to make products? Delivered to you without the hassle? We are building our platform to help you! We are always looking for new partners to process the waste we collect, saving valuable materials from being burnt and lost forever. Sounds like you? Get in touch!

Get the materials you need in 3 steps

Handy app

You can request free advice from us without obligation. In this consultation we look at your wishes together, for example, which raw material you need and how you want it delivered. We ensure that from now on you can arrange all your wishes via our app.

Sustainable transport

Via our app you can organise the delivery of the raw materials at a time and location that suits you. We ensure that the materials are delivered in the most efficient, timely and sustainable way.

Circular products

Goodbye waste - hello materials! From the waste we deliver, you make something beautiful: The circle is complete!

For orange peel it works like this

We have partnered up with Dik&Schil, a young start-up that creates delicious liqueur purely from orange peels. Cafes and restaurants produce these peels. We pick up them up at location and transport them in the most efficient and sustainable way to Dik&Schil. They reuse the peels to make their orangecello, which can be sold back to the same restaurants it came from. Full circle! 


Luc van Niftrik – Dik & Schil

"We are able to make great circular liqueurs thanks to the clean waste streams delivered on time by Seenons"

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