Afval scheiden als gemeente

Less waste in your municipality

Sustainable waste management can only happen if multiple parties in the waste chain work together; reusing where possible, utilising and optimising return logistics, social workplaces, investing in start-ups and developing city hubs. Seenons brings all these people together in one platform to stimulate the transition towards a circular economy.

How Seenons works

The Seenons platform that brings together all parties in the waste chain. From businesses that produce waste, to transport and logistic providers, circular processors, social workplaces and municipalities.
Our data driven platform matches waste streams with logistic partners that can transport the waste to a circular processor. Our algorithm optimises the logistics so that the waste is transported in the most efficient and sustainable way. We don’t own our own transport fleet which means we can choose the best transport and logistics partners for the job. 

Flexible and innovative

Easy upscaling and downscaling of flows. 
We are constantly developing our platform to enable us to save more waste. We are currently working with 17+ waste streams and running a series of pilots to expand our waste collection service. Our ultimate goal is zero-waste so we are always looking for new partnerships to help us on our mission.

Co-creating in search of new collaborations. 
Investigate together which parties/innovations are relevant to your organisation.

Impact compass. 
Possibility to choose which of the three pillars of the roadmap towards sustainability (CO2, circular and social) the focus (and therefore the waste flows) will go to.

Amsterdam textile pilot case study

Together with Pantar, Wieland textiles and Amsterdam municipality we have been collecting unwanted textiles in the center of Amsterdam. Pantar takes care of the collection and delivery and Wieland textiles make new products from the waste. Seenons makes this possible, connecting all parties in one simple platform stimulating the circular economy. 


These municipalities are already saving waste

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