We help you find the best solution for your waste


Do you have an office, retail or hospitality business? Are you looking for the best and most sustainable solution for your waste? We understand and that’s why we're here to help you along the way. Together we will look at the waste streams in your business and find a match for your waste so that it gets a second life. Our transport and logistic partners will make sure your waste gets picked-up efficiently. But of course only when your bin is full and at a time that suits your agenda!

Sports clubs

Separating waste helps to reduce the amount of waste your sports club or association throws away, reducing its carbon footprint and helping your club become more sustainable. By separating waste at your sports club or association you can even save money on your waste. From the 1st July 2021 you can get money back (‘statiegeld’) on the plastic bottles you save - win-win!


Transport and logistic partners

Our transport and logistic partners ensure that our waste is taken away from businesses in the most efficient and timely way, and taken to businesses that can use it to make circular products. Are you ready to make your routes more efficient, deliver more and support the circular economy?  



We are constantly looking for partners that can use the waste we collect to create new products. Are you looking for more raw materials that can be delivered to your door or a place to promote and sell your circular products? Get in touch and become one of our partners!



If you are working towards zero waste and saving CO2 we are here to support you. We believe that more sustainable waste management can only be realised if everyone in the ‘waste chain’ joins in and works together. That’s what our platform facilitates. 

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