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Less waste in your municipality

Do you want to reduce the waste in your city or municipality? Or do you separate and collect certain waste streams but don’t know what to do with the waste? Do you want to reduce congestion and traffic in your city?   We’d love to help! For example through access to more efficient and sustainable logistics partners or better solutions for separating, collecting or storing waste in key locations. But, we can’t do this alone.

We do this by working and bringing together all parties involved in the waste chain and waste journey. We are unique in the way we try to utilize and mobilize the social workforces in a location to stimulate inclusivity and employment opportunities in waste management. We also work with local logistics providers, waste processing companies and established waste management companies to find the best way for municipal waste in any given location. Our innovative technology provides a platform for the different parties in the waste to come together. Time to take a fresh look at your municipality’s waste management?

Become a leader in sustainable waste management

Change your waste stream management to suit your needs

Reduce traffic, congestion and CO2

These municipalities are already saving waste

How it works for a municipality

Ready for the start

Together we will do a baseline measurement to analyze the waste streams and identify what can be separated. We also make sure you get a good onboarding: we’ll take you through how to use our IT platform and our behavioral specialist will ensure that your employees are prepared and trained.

Tailor-made advice

You decide which of the 3 pillars of sustainability your focus lies: is it CO2 reduction, stimulation of a circular waste processing or social related. We are here to give you the best advice for your municipality on sustainable material management (buying, behaviour, collection, logistics or processing). You will have a dedicated account manager, a bespoke plan and peronalised dashboard to monitor your progress and impact.


Together we will work towards a new way of managing waste in your municipality! Our data-driven platform matches waste with waste processors that can give it a second life. Our algorithm also ensures that the most efficient and sustainable logistics partner is selected to transport your waste. The technology we are developing will give you important insights into what happens with the waste streams and residual waste allowing you to reduce waste in your municipality.

Different sorts of waste

Below you can find the different sorts of waste that new products can be made from.
If you cannot see the waste stream you are looking for click here for the full list. 

Met deze reststromen kunnen we je onder andere helpen

Hieronder vind je een aantal soorten afval waar wij iets nieuws van kunnen maken.
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This is how chain management works

We can stimulate the transition to a circular economy by developing products that can be reused, by return logistics to collect waste streams and by making use of social workplaces and the existing transport and parcel delivery network. Our technology facilitates this by bringing all these parties together on one IT platform. We do not own a fleet of trucks, our software allows us to be independent, selecting the best partners in a particular location to collect, transport and process the waste.

This is how it works in for Amsterdam Municipality

Together with the textile race, social workplace Pantar and Amsterdam municipality we have been collecting textiles from residents in the city center of Amsterdam. Pantar takes care of the collection and delivery to Wieland textiles who recycle the textiles. The Seenons platform and app facilitates this process and ensures that the textiles are collected and transported in the most efficient and sustainable way.

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Curious what we can do for your municipality?

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