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Technology Fast 50 - Rising Star 2022

3 november 2022 •

What innovative start-up has the most potential? The Rising Star competition is part of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 programme, celebrating Future Winners. It recognizes and supports young companies with great growth potential that have been in business for less than four years.

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Hottest Startups in Amsterdam

8 October 2022 •

Entrepreneurs across the continent are embracing new ways of working—and there’s a perceptible shift in what startups choose to focus on. These are the companies everyone needs to know about.

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Waste problem is complex, but Seenons has a solution

28 July 2022 •

Waste remains one of the growing challenges and it is not just restricted to use of plastics. From the way waste is collected to the way it is recycled, the ecosystem has far too many players and thus, too many vested interests. One startup wants to change this routine.

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Joost met app

Zest for change: the waste collection app rescuing electronics to orange peel

17 Nov 2021 • Dutch News

According to waste collection warriors Seenons, ‘waste is only waste if we waste it’. As big-name companies sign up to their app, we find out how one of Amsterdam’s fastest growing startups is rescuing the valuable raw materials in the stuff we throw away.

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Waste startup Seenons comes to dig in your garbage: 'Waste is raw material'

12 Oct 2021 • rtl nieuws

Incineration is often the most efficient option for processing residual waste. Even if it is full of valuable raw materials. The system is broken, say the entrepreneurs behind the Amsterdam company Seenons. With an investment of millions, they are on their way to fix that, although there is still a long way to go.

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Waste warriors lay out a battle plan

12 Oct 2021 • Impact Investor

Why dump or burn waste when you can upcycle it? The trick is finding how to match waste-makers with waste-users efficiently. Tech start-up Seenons thinks it has the solution.

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Dutch start-up raises millions in investment to conquer European waste market

08 Oct 2021 • Change Inc

Saving more waste streams from the incinerator, that is the mission of the Dutch company Seenons. The start-up, founded in 2019, uses technology and smart logistics to help companies recycle waste streams such as coffee grounds, oranges and oil.

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