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Sauce buckets

Don’t let your buckets spill !

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Sauce buckets

Utrecht, Rotterdam, Delft and Den Haag get ready!

We are coming to get your empty sauce buckets! These buckets almost always end their life at the bottom of a wheelie bin. That’s a lot of plastic, a valuable raw material, which could be recycled. That’s why we have partnered up with HSRRenewiDPSR and Dijkstra to save this important waste stream and give it a second life.

Want to save your buckets but we do not yet operate in your city or area? Sign up to our waiting list! As soon as we know there is enough demand in your city then we’ll let you know ! No time to waste!

Why save sauce buckets?

Sauce buckets are made from polypropylene (PP). PP is a material that is perfect for recycling. It is 100% recyclable ! The more we can recycle products the less new materials we need to take from planet earth. 🙂

To be able to recycle the buckets it is important that they are rinsed out to get rid of any residue and leftover food to ensure that recycling is possible.

What happens to my sauce buckets?

All the buckets are collected at one of our partner hubs. Collected, bundled and delivered in bulk to our processor HSR or Renewi. HSR ensures that the buckets are washed once more and shredded.

The next step in the process is done by partners DPSR/De Paauw – from the shredded plastic recycled PP flakes are made which are then used by the bucket producer Dijkstra to make new buckets for paint. Bye Bye sauce bucket, hello paint bucket !

Give your sauce buckets a second life?

Want to save your buckets but we do not yet operate in your city or area? Sign up to our waiting list!