Seenons and Verpact start working together: 1000 organisations on their journey to zero waste
Seenons en Verpact collaboration

Verpact and Seenons have a clear shared vision: goodbye waste, hello new materials. Verpact is the organisation responsible for the collection and recycling of packaging. Seenons, is a tech platform with an App allowing all players in the waste chain to connect with each other.

Verpact and Seenons are joining forces in order to offer companies packaging collection in the most sustainable and efficient way. All logistics companies in The Netherlands that would like to still join this collection can register here on the Seenons platform.

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From the 1st January 2023 there is a new regulation in the Netherlands allowing all packaging – like plastic packaging, drink cartons and glass – to be collected and recycled for companies for free. Verpact does this on behalf of the companies that bring this packaging onto the market. These companies are financing the system by paying a contribution per packaging. In order to collect and process the waste streams glass and PD (plastic and drink cartons) as efficiently and sustainably as possible, the partnership with Seenons was set up.

With the smart tech platform Seenons sets up efficient new and existing pick up routes, using its network of logistical service partners. In order to optimise the national coverage Seenons is asking new logistical partners to sign up and be part of this initiative. This means that the 1000 organisations who have signed up to Verpact can have their glass and PD picked up for free. And finally, the processing of the waste streams can be done in the most sustainable way by Verpact.  


We are looking forward to working together with Verpact. For us this is a nice opportunity in terms of the impact we can make together. Our partnership includes many organisations thorughout the country, for which we will need many parties in the waste chain in order to do this in the most efficient way. We need each other to achieve zero waste. That is why we are looking forward to working together with new logistics companies that would like to join the initiative in order to pick up the waste streams with the most efficient and sustainable pick up routes.

– Joost Kamermans, CEO & co-founder Seenons

Hester Klein Lankhorst, Board of Directors Verpact: “I am very happy with the intention of Seenons and I look forward to working together. This partnership is the next step in separating company packaging waste. This packaging often ended up in residual waste and was not recycled. With this initiative we can recycle a lot more packaging. We are very enthusiastic and proud to work together with all the parties in the recycling chain towards a future in which more and more packaging will be reused. Every packaging counts!’ 

Seenons and Verpact hope that this is the beginning of their partnership and that many organisations join the journey to zero waste.

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