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Social workplaces have an important role to play in the circular economy

We believe that everyone in society has a role to play and the circular economy can not only support looking after the planet but also looking after people. We are proud to work with a number of social workplaces across the Netherlands to work towards this mission. Inclusivity and climate change go hand-in-hand. By combining people and planet goals we can truly make an impact. Together for a waste-free world! Do you want to join?

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Hoe het werkt voor Pantar

How it works at Pantar

Pantar is the largest social development business in the Amsterdam region working with more than 2500 people. Pantar uses our platform and software to collect waste from businesses, cafes and restaurants around the city. The waste is taken to Pantar’s processing centre where it is processed ready to be made into new products. For example coffee residue is turned into coffee cups and soap and from oranges orangecello is made. The rest is turned into biogas.

How it works at Rijnvicus

Together with Rijnvicus we are tackling not just the challenge of waste in Alphen aan den Rijn but also giving those that are searching for work the chance to develop their skills to work in transport, logistics or facility services in the future. The HUB in the city currently collects coffee waste and coffee cups from different horeca locations.

But, this is just the start! We are looking for more waste savers in the region with a social and green heart to help us get Alphen aan den Rijn to zero waste!

sociaal werkbedrijf Rijnvicus
Sociaal werkbedrijf - stichting gouda schoon

How it works at Stichting Gouda Schoon

Stichting Gouda Schoon is on a mission to clean up the streets of Gouda so that there are no more big waste trucks riding down the streets, no more stinking containers in public spaces. Nowadays the waste is collected daily by electrical vehicles powered by Seenons software to ensure that the vehicles take the shortest route and use the least CO2. This work is in collaboration with Promen which invests in people that have difficulty in accessing the job market and trains individuals in a trade for future work.

Are you joining?

If you are a social workplace interested in working with us or a business owner looking to reduce your waste please get in touch!