Find the best route for your drivers

Do you want to save time, find the most efficient route and reduce your CO2 footprint? Become one of our logistic/transport partners.

3 steps to the best route

Free advice

No strings attached, we’ll offer you free advice. We’ll look at the possibilities for picking-up waste that is already on the route that you ride.

Handy app

We will train you and your colleagues to use our easy app, providing a demo so that you can get started with collecting waste.

Efficiency & Insight

Through our driver app you can optimise your transport routes. You can see where your drivers are and what waste has been picked-up.

How does this work in practice?

For example, together with Pantar we pick up waste streams from businesses in Amsterdam like orange peels and coffee grounds. The pick-ups are registered in the app and Pantar picks up the waste at the time and location requested. Then, it's taken to a circular hub or processor.
In addition to the standard waste streams which we pick up, we are running pilots for new streams too! 


Our transport partners

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