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Used cooking oil

Don’t let it slip away..

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Used cooking oil

Why save used cooking oil?

Saving your cooking oil and not throwing it down the drain or in the bin reduces the chance of blocked drains and saves a valuable ‘resource’ which can be recycled and given a second-life. 

Did you know that biofuel in the Netherlands is made from 99% waste materials such as used cooking oil and  animal fat? If we recycled the oil and fat just like we do with paper and glass we can save 20 million kg of oil which can make 18 million liters of fuel!

What happens to my used cooking oil?

From your used cooking oil biodiesel can be made or the fat can be used for cosmetics. 

This is how it works. First of all we will supply a vat – a large container for collecting your oil. When your vat is full you can plan a pick-up via our app at a time which suits you. One of our logistics partners will collect your oil and take it to the processor who empties the oil from the vat and let’s it settle so that the pure oil floats to the top. The different layers of the oil can be used for different products. The top layer can be converted, using a chemical process, into biofuel for cars. The other layers can be used for cosmetics and as grease. Whilst the oil is being processed, the vat containers supplied to collect the oil are washed and are ready to be delivered and used again.

  • Liquid frying fat
  • Solid frying fat
  • Frying oil
  • Plant-based Oil
  • Gravy
  • Leftover baking oil
  • Motor oil and grease

Give your used cooking oil a second-life.