Wine corks

Pop those bottles!

Did you know that it takes more than 10 years to make a wine cork? Just one cork pop and it is in the bin, what a waste ! That’s why, together with De Eker we have set up a pilot in Amsterdam and Den Bosch to give cork a second life. By reusing the cork we can increase the longevity for more than 100 years !

Why separate wine corks?

Millions of wine corks end up on the rubbish tip and get burnt each year and that is just in the Netherlands alone. By separating and reusing we can use cork as a valuable material for new products. This way we can increase the availability of cork as a material for generations to come.

What happens with my wine corks?

Firstly all the wine corks are sorted. Plastic stoppers, dirty corks and metal are removed. Secondly, the sorted corks are put into a machine where they are ground to make cork granules or cork powder. The granule size can be adjusted depending on what it will be used for whether it be building materials, flooring, bio-based epoxy, cosmetics or bio composits.

Give your wine corks a second life?