Coffee grounds

A coffee a day but keep the waste at bay!

Coffee grounds

Why separate coffee grounds?

Coffee grounds are valuable materials that can be separated, collected, and used again in so many ways. Plus, separating coffee prevents the coffee soiling other valuable waste which would otherwise end up in the incinerator. It’s also important to consider that coffee is a product that is often costly to produce and transport, therefore we should re-use it where possible.

What happens to my coffee grounds?

Coffee residue is a really versatile resource to create new products. From soap, liqueur, plant pots, to even a medium to grow mushrooms! We collect the coffee residue in pure form, then it’s dried and processed into something new.

Only coffee please

We provide 20L buckets to collect the coffee. It is important that the buckets have tightly closed lids to avoid mold developing. Once your bucket is full, arrange a pick-up via our app and we’ll come and collect at a time and place that suits you best.

Give your coffee grounds a second life?