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We cannot save waste alone

Only together we can make an impact. Our platform connects 200+ partners, organisations in the waste chain to save waste and accelerate the transition towards a circular economy.

Do you want access to additional waste volume? Are you looking for an easy way to fill gaps in your planning? Or discover new possibilities to grow your business while contributing to the circular economy? Join our partner network!

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Transport your waste with maximum route density

Get the most out of your routes. Fill gaps in your planning with more volume per stop and more stops per route.

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Easy access to high quality resources

Get access to the waste of all our customers. We’ll make sure that your materials are transported & delivered directly to you, according to your standards and acceptation criteria.

Discover new opportunities to grow your business

Get into the waste market with your company, tap into a new market and make sure your trucks are not driving back empty.

Data-driven insights to optimise your activities

With our platform we will give you insights in your performance. What is your score for the logistics of certain streams, areas or assets? Based on our data you can see where you can improve!

Logistics dashboard
Logistics dashboard

Collaborate to achieve our mission together

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