The tech platform for saving waste

Getting in control of your waste situation and finding the best solutions to start saving waste can be complex.

Our platform is unique. It offers a different way to deal with waste. With our platform you can easily manage and reduce your waste. Save on waste = save time, emissions, valuable raw materials and money!

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Key features
Machine learning
Access to 200+ partners
Synchronize 62
Flexibility to switch
Plan 100+ streams
Pie chart 73
Transparent data-insights
Calendar check 13
Schedule & change frequency of pick-ups
Location pin option add
Manage multiple locations
Wheelie bin
Manage containers & other assets
File report 74
Impact & operational reporting

Key insights


Material use has a direct influence on your environmental impact. So does the way your waste is processed and transported.

Our dashboard gives you insights into your CO2 emissions (part of your scope 3) and R-ladder score to help you reduce and separate your waste better ánd become fully compliant with CSRD reporting standards.

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Our dashboard shows you the number of pickups, the weight & costs of your waste and the invoiced amount. In total, but also per waste stream and location.

We will give you actionable insights where to improve your asset size and pickup scheduling, so you can manage your waste efficiently and save more!

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Multiple locations can make waste management complex. Our technology allows you to compare the performance of your locations and shows you where you can improve.

We also give you insights into the performance of your partners and the pickup completion rate per location. When there are structural issues, we will proactively help you solve them.

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Become a zero waste company

Getting in control of your waste situation and starting to save waste can be complex. Our unique platform will help you. We’d love to show you how it works.

What is your current waste situation?