We need

to stop


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Each year we create 2.5 billions tons of waste globally. That’s the equivalent of 21 million rubbish trucks.

Only 7.2% is re-used*

*Circularity GAP report, 2023

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Meanwhile materials are running out.

In the Netherlands alone we use enough materials for 3.6 planets. We only have 1!**

**Earth overshoot day NL 2023

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There is

no time

to waste!

Our big goal

Half a Megatonne of waste
saved by 2026

We are an award-winning tech company with a clear vision: a waste-free world. As the only independent platform for saving waste in Europe, our big goal is to save half a megatonne of waste by 2026.

Our mission

We are building a platform, bringing together organisations to save waste and accelerate the transition towards a circular economy