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Go to app.seenons.com and click ‘register here’. Make an account and you can get started! We can discuss what your needs are and help you find the best solution. 

If you are not sure what you want to do with your waste and still have some questions you can always plan a free advice call with one of our team. We can discuss what your needs are and help you find the best solution.

We have chosen a webapp because it is the easiest way to arrange for your waste to be collected. One advantage is that you can log into the app using a web browser. So you can use the app from a telephone, computer or tablet. This allows you to easily see your order and invoice history and make changes to your service with just a few clicks.

It’s not possible to know in advance who will pick up or process your waste. We have a variety of logistical partners and waste service providers using different sorts of vehicles. The partners we use are listed on our website. Our technology uses smart logistics to ensure that we choose the most efficient and sustainable option available at that moment.

When you place your first order in the app, you can select whether you need a container or bucket (depending on the type of waste you have). The containers are delivered within 5 working days and then you can start separating and saving your waste.

The best place to put your container for collection is outside where it is visible for collection, in the place which you have stated in the app. It is important that the location for pick-up is where the container is not the address of the business.

Please check your calendar in the app and the status of your order. If you see a date that is different to the one you asked for, please get in touch. Sometimes the planning for the waste processor changes. We work with many different waste processors and this can happen from time to time.

We often get asked the question how sustainable is our service really. We want to be transparent about this and that’s why we are busy doing our homework and our impact team are working on capturing all the data so we can tell you how much waste and CO2 you have saved.  Please bear with us, we look forward to sharing this with you as soon as we can. 

For specific questions about using the app, take a look at our app page for guidance. Still can’t see the answer? Please Contact us , we’re happy to help you, our support team is waiting for your call. 💚