Together for a waste-free world

Our platform and app connect all those in the waste chain to save waste and work towards a circular economy. Goodbye waste, hello materials !

We help businesses to zero waste. Will you join us on our mission?

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A few of our partners that have already joined

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I am a …

Small business

I want to separate my waste and have it picked up and processed sustainably.

Corporate company

I want to separate my waste and have it picked up and processed sustainably.

Sports club

I want to separate my waste and have it picked up and processed sustainably.


I want to reduce the residual waste in my municipality.

Logistics partner

I want to help transport waste.

Social workplace

I want to help transport or process waste.

Waste processor

I am looking for materials to make new products from.

We are on a mission to save waste

Valuable materials. Save them. Before that they are lost forever.

Each year 2.75 megatons of business waste ends up burnt or in landfill in the Netherlands alone. That’s around 76 million wheelie bins full of valuable materials. 

We have to reduce our CO2 emissions to become 100% circular by 2050. This requires system change. A change of mindset. People in the waste chain working together. Learn more about our mission from our waste warrior team. Sound on! :loud_sound:

Met deze reststromen kunnen we helpen

Hieronder vind je een aantal soorten afval waar wij iets nieuws van kunnen maken.
Staat jouw afvalstroom hier niet tussen? Klik hier voor onze volledige lijst.

Different sorts of waste

Below you can find the different sorts of waste that new products can be made from.
If you cannot see the waste stream you are looking for click here for the full list.

We are the new kid in the waste world. We are building technology to change the waste system, for future generations. We are active across most cities in the Netherlands. However it is not yet possible to collect all waste streams in all areas – we’re working hard on that ! Can’t find the waste stream that you are looking for? Get in touch!

Those already saving waste…

Wouter van Yoghurt Barn

Wouter Staal – Founder Yoghurt Barn

We used to have around 2000 liters of residual waste picked up by the municipality. By working with Seenons we have reduced this to 360 liters - 80% less waste !

Enough of the talk! No time to waste