Seenons acquires Recycling Partners Belgium
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Companies continue the fight against waste together

AMSTERDAM, August 30, 2023 – Tech company Seenons is acquiring Recycling Partners Belgium (RPB), as announced by both companies today. The goal of this acquisition is to enhance market presence in both Belgium and the Netherlands. Customers and partners in both countries will benefit from the synergy between RPB (strong in service) and Seenons (strong in technology), resulting in uniformity and economies of scale for customers active in both countries. The acquisition was officially concluded on August 11.

Shared Mission, Complementary Strengths

Belgian company RPB was coincidentally founded one day after Seenons, in 2019. However, there are more similarities between the two companies. The most significant is their shared mission to eliminate waste from the world and earn money by genuinely reducing waste. This conviction is where the companies align. Their ultimate goal is to provide a European solution for large businesses seeking waste reduction and transitioning to a circular economy. Specifically, the companies aim to collectively save half a megaton of waste from incineration by 2026.

Dutch Customers Benefit from RPB’s Expertise

Joost Kamermans, co-founder and CEO of Seenons, stated, “With RPB, we have found a partner that complements Seenons. Stijn and his team excel in recycling knowledge and on-the-ground processes. They understand the customer’s situation behind closed doors. RPB has a strong network in Belgium and supplements us with their partner management experience. This strategic partnership collectively empowers us to strengthen our foothold in the market, not only in the Netherlands and Belgium but ultimately in Europe as well. A first, important step towards our plans for further internationalization” How will Dutch customers notice the impact of this collaboration? “Our customers will benefit from improved service and the opportunity to engage with experts regarding specialised waste inquiries. That’s the value RPB adds,” Kamermans explained.

Enhanced Dashboarding for Belgian Customers

Stijn Smetsers, founder and partner of RPB, added, “We have experienced organic growth over the past four years and are ready for the next step. Seenons arrived at the right time in that regard. Seenons is a tech player with extensive knowledge of software and reporting experience. What our Belgian customers will experience is that we can serve them even better with dashboarding: real-time insights into their waste streams.” The acquisition empowers RPB to scale up and grow as an organisation, with the ultimate goal of eliminating all waste from the world. “Preventing a ton of waste is ultimately the best solution for waste,” Smetsers concluded. “We are both tremendously excited and motivated to make this next phase a success.”

No Operational Consequences

Operationally, nothing will change. The names of both organisations will remain unchanged. Both Seenons and RPB, along with their employees, will continue to operate from their respective offices in Amsterdam and Turnhout.

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