Seenons and Renewi partner up with Schiphol and RTHA to take a flight to waste-free airports by 2030
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The end goal: fully circular aiports by 2050

Amsterdam, Thursday 30th March – From 1st January 2023 preparations have started for the 8 year partnership between the tech platform Seenons, recycling company Renewi and airports Amsterdam Schiphol and RotterdamThe Hague Airport. The partnership will officially start on 1st June 2023. 

Schiphol and Rotterdam The Hague Aiport have chosen the partners Seenons and Renewi in a unique construction. Seenons’ tech platform ensures transparency in the the transport and processing of the waste streams and offers access to multiple innovative logistics companies, processors and partners. Furthermore, Seenons works on a zero waste roadmap with initiatives to reduce the use of materials.

Renewi is the strategic player within the partnership when it comes to the total servicing of the airports, covering the transport, processing and recycling of the waste streams. With a phased approach all parties are taking a flight towards the goal of a waste-free airports by 2030, and fully circular airports by 2050. 

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“In the transition to a circular economy, partnership is the key word. As a waste-to-product company we want to be the connecting link in the circular economy. That is why we are excited to start working together with Seenons, Schiphol and Rotterdam The Hague Airport, with a challenge that goes much further than just efficient and sustainable collection of waste streams.” says Marc den Hartog, managing director Commercial Waste Netherlands, from Renewi. “We will be using all of our innovative capacity and national network in order to turn Schiphol and Rotterdam The Hague Airport’s waste into new materials.”

For all parties involved, sustainability is the overarching factor when it comes to decisions around logistics, processing and reducing waste. Together the parties will work on identifying and setting up the most sustainable processing method for each waste stream. The data insights generated by Seenons’ platform will facilitate these choices.  

Independent platform in the sustainable transition

The partnership between Seenons and Renewi is unique ‘ Seenons is an independent platform that normally does not submit a tender with a market player. In this instance we have made an exception.’ explains Joost Kamermans, co-founder and CEO of Seenons.

“Our platform is designed for sustainable waste management by connecting different players in the waste chain in order to make an impact. Through our innovative software, without having our own pick up trucks or processing facilities, we can facilitate the transition to zero waste. For us it it about reduction, reuse and the optimal recycling of materials. The transport and processing of waste streams are a part of this. For which we will activate our network. This has also been agreed with Renewi, Schiphol and Rotterdam The Hague Airport. We have to do this together.”
– Joost Kamermans, CEO and  co-founder, Seenons

Roadmap – Step by step to zero waste

With the help of a zero waste roadmap, in which Seenons works with different partners on a phased approach with clear intermediate goals, the airports go on a journey to reach their goal of being waste-free by 2023. This also gives the airports transparency such as CO2 impact and transport and material usage.

From 1st June 2023 the official waste management will start, as well as the zero waste roadmap.

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